Israeli election looms ‘early in the New Year’

ISRAEL is facing new elections early in the New Year.

This follows a Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday requiring the Knesset to pass a new law to draft yeshiva students into the Israel Defence Forces.

It now looks likely that an election will be held between the end of January and the end of February.

The government had asked for a seven-month extension of the September deadline to pass the law.

Those seven months could have enabled the government to last until the Knesset’s pre-Pesach break.

There was still a small chance that the next election could have been held on time on the date set by law — November 5.

An Israeli election being held on time would have been a huge accomplishment for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But the chances of that happening are now extremely slim. It would require all the parties in the coalition to make compromises and pass the framework for drafting yeshiva students recommended by the IDF with little or no changes.

And politicians do not like to compromise as an election approaches. On the contrary, that is when they like to flex their political muscles.

The only chance that will happen is if the heads of the parties in Netanyahu’s coalition all decide that they want an election postponed as much as possible, because they want to wait for Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit to indict Netanyahu on bribery charges.

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