Ditch the beach and soak up Eilatís history

HAVING visited Eilat many times over the more than half-century since making aliya, a recent break down south brought about a never managed before call at the Eilat City Museum.

Although opened in 2007, it somehow got missed off the Eilat and environs Ďto doí list.

Even though I was in there for well over an hour, it is definitely on the list next time Iím in town.

The museum is somewhat smallish as museums go, very homely in layout and atmosphere, absolutely packed with fascinating photographs, texts, graphs, artifacts, pieces of machinery and film ó all mixed together with a huge dollop of pride in the extraordinary development of the Red Sea port.

Spread over three halls, the museum presents Eilat through collections of exhibits sharing the historical, economic-industrial and tourist development of the city.

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