From Wigan to Iraq by rail in search of Jewishness

I HAVE arrived in a deeply religious Middle East city on September 15, just in time for erev Rosh Hashana.

All around are signs of worship and piety. Men are wearing black.

Except this is not Israel but Iraq, and I’m in Duhok on Friday evening, prayers over.

Have I messed up my travel arrangements, pressing ‘Iraq’ instead of ‘Israel’?

Did I make a mistake on my airline ticket?

No, I’m with Lupine Travel on a glorious 21-day journey full of eastern promise from Wigan to Iraq.

Yes, we are starting in the cold, ex-coal-mining, Rugby League stronghold of Wigan and journeying mostly by train — sleeper, Avanti-styled inter-city, cattle truck, if we’re lucky, plus rocky minibus where Saddam didn’t uproot the tracks — all the way to Iraq.

My mission is to find at least one synagogue or some signs of Jewish life in each location.

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