A paradise awaits as you hit this wondrous trail

Although it’s called the Harod Stream, this body of water in Israel far outlives the title “stream” in many places, especially in the winter months such as after the recent and the presently on-going heavy rainfall in Israel.

It twists and turns over a distance of 32 kilometres.

Known as Nahal Harod in Hebrew, the Harod wends its way between dozens of palm tree surrounded fishponds and lush agricultural lands farmed by the members of kibbutzim and moshavim situated in the eastern part of the Jezreel Valley.

The Harod eventually flows from this region — dubbed the “Valley of Springs” because of the area’s plethora of small and large springs and babbling brooks — into the famous but much depleted over the years River Jordan.

An abundance of large and small user-friendly facilities around the natural watering holes — tastefully designed to blend in with nature — have been developed by the Israel National Parks Authority and Keren Kayemet L’Israel (Jewish National Fund), attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the year.

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