Nothing in Turkey’s quite like it is anywhere else

Turkey is a country that never stands still. It is a vast land mass with Istanbul — itself a monstrously-large city that straddles the Bosporus waterway, the dividing line between Europe and Asia — at its beating heart.

With its monuments and culinary delights, Turkey never ceases to surprise.

You can come back so many times to this country and there will always be something new to discover.

That may also be true of many other places, but this multifaceted country is a place like no other.

Indeed, when you dig a little deeper, nothing in Turkey is quite like it is anywhere else. Even closer to the surface, for the fleeting visitor, Turkey leaves a lasting impression.

It is shaped by its geographical surroundings and by the region’s history, which has also influenced every other country in the Mediterranean basin.

As for tourism, foreign visitors seeking sea and sun no doubt have a good inkling of what to expect at holiday resorts such as Antalya and Bodrum, and the major cities of Izmir and, of course, Istanbul, offer their unique flavour and endless opportunities for sightseeing and shopping.

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