Gulf’s huge welcome for Jewish tourists

IT’S boom time for Jewish tourists to visit the Persian Gulf. And it’s all due to the success of the Abraham Accords. So says Ebrahim Nonoo, president of the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities, which is now celebrating its first anniversary.

They will receive a welcome where they go, he points out. And that includes newly-opened kosher hotels and restaurants in Dubai or Manama, or a visit the remnants of a once-thriving Jewish community in Bahrain, the origins of which are thought to go back to late antiquity.

“Since the Abraham Accords came into being, the idea of having Jewish life flourish again in the region is progressing well,” said Mr Nonoo.

“The association that we’ve created is looking after all the religious needs of the Jewish people so that they can feel like they are not short of anything to help them with going through their Jewish life.”

Mr Nonoo is chairman of the board of trustees of the House of Ten Commandments — the Jewish community in Bahrain. His family’s presence in Bahrain dates to the late 1800s when a group of Iraqi Jews arrived in search of better work and lifestyles.

His synagogue is the only properly functioning one in the region. It has regular Saturday morning services, even when it lacks a minyan.

“If we do get a minyan,” he said, “we can bring the Torah out, and if there’s any special occasion, we could always bring the rabbi from Dubai.

“We have our rabbi, Elie Abadie, here. And we have a chazan from Dubai as well.

“We’ve already had a barmitzvah and a wedding in Bahrain. So Jewish life is flourishing. Our next step is to be able to have a beth din set up in Bahrain be part of the AGJC.”

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