Heroism of Bedouin who gave their lives for Israel

By Lydia Aisenberg

THERE are many military memorial sites throughout Israel... but one of the most impressive and lovingly cared for I have visited over the years honours hundreds of Bedouin citizens who fell in the line of duty while serving in the Israel Defence Forces.

Among the 230 Bedouin fallen are a number who lost their lives carrying out highly dangerous missions outside Israelís borders.

Details of their heroic deeds undertaken many years ago are still classified as state secrets.

Inaugurated somewhat pointedly on Independence Day, 1993, by former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Monument to the Bedouin Soldier is situated near the Hamovil Junction in Lower Galilee in close proximity to both Bedouin and other Israeli Arab communities.

Astoundingly impressive with meticulously cared-for gardens, it has quiet, creatively designed corners for families to comfortably sit, reflect and contemplate.

They are embraced by the shared pride of having the name of their loved one etched in stone alongside other members of their tribe, community, fellow citizens of the State of Israel.

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