Irish archives now in Jerusalem

Israel’s National Library has accepted 22 volumes of archives from the Irish Jewish Family History Database, which tracks more than three centuries of Jewish life in Ireland.

The database, which was compiled by Stuart Rosenblatt, president of the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society, includes everything from burial and birth records, compiled by a Jewish midwife in the late 19th century; police registries of immigrants in the early 20th century to and other sources stretching from the 1700s until today.

“These volumes are a living history of people who have now no voice,” Rosenblatt said in a statement from the National Library, which held a ceremony celebrating the archives on Monday.

“Births, marriages, deaths, census, alien registration, synagogue memberships, home and business addresses, grave details and inscriptions are just a sample in the 22 volumes for families to discover their rich Irish heritage.

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