Samís splash of colour inspired by mother

By Lydia Aisenberg

To say that Israeli-Druze artist Sam Halabi is a colourful character would be an absolute understatement.

Not only has the artist drip-painted his late parents home externally with a multitude of colours, but also every wall, ceiling, window and absolutely everything else within, including the kitchen sink!

Visiting The House of Colours is an almost out of this world, awesome experience, with an almost instant decision never to bring young grandchildren to see this playful, but also deeply thought provoking house, for fear that oneís home might also end up a multi-colour extravaganza.

The three-storey pallet of psychedelic colour can be spotted from afar, perched on high, among a cluster of other homes built across and between Mount Carmel hilltops.

They form Daliat al-Carmel the largest Druze village in Israel with more than 17,000 Israeli Druze residents and neighbours to the far smaller Druze village of Ussifiya.

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