Have a feast of a time on your Israel holidays

WHEN asked, most travellers will define their expectation of an Israeli hotel as a place that looks and feels modern and classy, offering a clean, pampering room with an immense shower, a great breakfast in the morning and one that is close to restaurants, shopping areas and cool attractions.

Hilton, Intercontinental, Sheraton, Marriott and other global and local brands alike are constantly focusing on these needs.

Supposedly, neither travellers nor locals are fantasising about a pampering lunch or a romantic dinner in a hotel. They leave that to restaurants, with clear intentions to eat, drink and enjoy the moment.

Hotels find themselves quite generally “feeding” customers for breakfasts, receptions, banquets or meetings.

Regardless, hotels do offer à la carte quality menus in fine dining rooms to guests who in most cases would prefer to eat in restaurants.

This phenomenon reflects dramatically on both the culinary image of hotels and also on the reputation of the executive chefs who run them, most of them being quite anonymous to travellers.

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