Hit the road in US now that door is opening

Travelling these days has become arduous. Itís all about the timing. Several months before a flight, you have to actually book it. But you donít know what will happen during those months.

Maybe there will be a new pandemic we didnít know about, part of the already existing pandemic we have to live in.

The media sources fill our head with stories of dread ó what new evils may come from this existing plague, underscored by headlines about various new bureaucratic hurdles for the most basic things.

Air travel wasnít particularly pleasant before this whole experience. The ever-decreasing sizes of seats and legroom made travel feel more like navigating in human sardine cans than the luxurious air travel we are told once existed in the 1960s.

As if to remind us, the airlines still tell us not to smoke. When was the last time people smoked on an airline? Not in most peopleís living memory. When was the last time there was a pandemic? Also not in living memory.

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