Israel tourism is on the way back to pre-pandemic highs

As summer gradually draws to a close, a report from Israel’s tourism ministry shows that the country’s hot (and lately rocket-heavy) weather this year hasn’t put a damper on incoming tourism.

In fact, the tourism industry is on its way to record highs, currently falling only 22 per cent shy of 2019’s record numbers.

According to the report, 249,500 tourist entries were recorded in July, 2022, which is pretty impressive compared to last July’s 49,200 — which is itself impressive when measured against the same month’s tourists in 2020: A paltry 6,000.

The sharp dip from July 2019’s record of 322,800 was a clear casualty of the Covid pandemic, which had a devastating effect on tourism around the world — a phenomenon from which Israel was not exempt.

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