Bahrain community leader hopes the new accord will draw more Jews to the Gulf

SUCCESSFUL LINKS: Jewish representative Nancy Khedouri (second from left) and other Bahraini officials meet foreign representatives, including American ambassador Justin Siberell (far left)

Ebrahim Dahood Nonoo, the leader of Bahrain’s tiny Jewish community, was among the Gulf country’s approximately 50 Jews who thought peace with Israel would never arrive “in our lifetimes”.

“It just didn’t seem possible,” Nonoo told me from Manama, the capital city where he lives with his wife.

Tuesday’s signing of the normalisation agreements in Washington — called the Abraham Accords — is expected to open up routes for collaboration, trade and travel between Bahrain and Israel, which had all been restricted.

It will have a significant impact on Bahrain’s Jews, many of whom have relatives in Israel they have not been able to visit.

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