Tradition lives on in the ghetto of Venice

POLICE patrolled Venice’s Campo Ghetto Nuovo as the sun set over red-tiled roofs on the evening of Rosh Hashana.

In the square outside the Chabad House, workers set up chairs and a partition as about 45 worshippers (and some curious tourists) arrived to welcome the Jewish New Year.

Nearby, in the Ghetto Vecchio, many of the 500 members of Venice’s Jewish community gathered in the Spanish Synagogue (founded by Jews expelled from Spain in the 1490s) and the Levantine Synagogue (opened in 1538).

An accordion player at a nearby (non-kosher) café provided a musical accompaniment — Que Sera, Sera (during the Amida) and La Vie en Rose.

After services, more than 40 guests joined a Chabad-sponsored festive meal along the banks of the Canale di Cannaregio outside the kosher Gam Gam Ristorante Ebraico.

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