Portugal’s an exciting Jewish port of call

IN recent years, Portugal has become home to thousands of Jews. The choice of this country may provide the inspiration and serve as a model for what the European Union does, in fact, need.

After all, the European Commission announced in early October that Jewish life will be fostered in a Europe that was home to 9.5 million Jews before the Second World War and whose remaining 1.5 million are abandoning the Old Continent.

“We want to see Jewish life thriving again in the heart of our communities,” said EC president Ursula von der Leyen. “This is how it should be.”

Once again, Portugal is on the Jewish map. Small Jewish communities, mainly consisting of recently arrived Sephardim, are growing and strengthening throughout the country, even in less populated areas than the capital.

Cascais, a town in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, is home to the largest Chabad centre in Europe, and two families in the organisation work together to aid the whole country.

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