Retracing the steps of London’s East End Jews

FOR a guide to encounter two participants on his tour who know even more than he does about aspects of his patch could be, well, embarrassing, even humiliating.

Not so for Ed Glinert, who describes himself as the UK’s most prolific tour guide and regularly leads groups around London’s East End, recalling its Jewish history and the seminal events that defined the area.

Consummate professional that he is and the author of multiple books, including The Literary Guide to London and The London Compendium, east London-born Ed readily absorbs the new-found knowledge offered by those with personal experience of what he’s describing.

As he began to relate the shocking events of Sunday, October 4, 1936, that became known as the Battle of Cable Street, a diminutive old lady, who had until then been keeping very much in the background and listening intently to Ed, suddenly piped up: “I was there.”

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