László’s serving up burgers with relish

THE two main kosher restaurants in Budapest have had excellent reputations for years.

Carmel and Hanna both offer signature local items like goulash with nokedli, a paprika-rich beef stew featuring handmade noodle dumplings; Hungarian schnitzels; and flodni — a poppy-rich, nutty Hungarian-Jewish layer cake.

That’s alongside Israeli dishes, such as shish kebab and hummus.

But neither eatery is particularly cheap, and both require a longer sit-down meal experience. And that felt like a business opportunity to László Györfi.

So Györfi, 51, recently opened a significantly cheaper, no-frills burger outlet that he says is the Hungarian capital’s only kosher fast food joint.

It’s right around the corner from his competitors, in the 7th District, the centre of Budapest’s nightlife.

“Hannah and Carmel are good restaurants, great service, lots of space,” he said. “But often, Israeli families just want a place where they can get a hamburger and fries or a hot dog for their four kids for a fraction of the cost and time. That’s what Kosher MeatUp is there for.”

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