Splash out on Spanish splendour

FOR Jewish travellers, visiting Madrid — or any city in Spain — is a reminder that over 400 years of exile occurred until the Jews were allowed back there.

That exile has not dimmed the memory of Spain’s Jewish past. The Jewish people still recall their “Golden Age” in Spain.

To this day, Jewish history does not record a similar success story anywhere in Europe that Jews lived as “harmoniously or creatively” as in that age in Spain.

The Spanish-Jewish community produced doctors, mathematicians, philosophers, court advisers, diplomats and military leaders.

But as often happens in Jewish history, events took a turn for the worse. Soon, one of the most horrible words in the lexicon of the Jewish people was created — the Inquisition.

This was as well as words such as conversos, marranos, anusim. And, yes, the expulsion of several hundred thousand Jews in 1492; the burning of Jews at the stake and the Sephardim, who scattered and settled throughout the Mediterranean.

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