We’re not truly free

HOW ironic that just before we mark Pesach, the festival that celebrates freedom, Israel has attempted to expand its frontiers into outer-space, and land a spacecraft on the moon. Sadly, the multi-billlion shekel mission failed, just miles from the moon’s surface. It could scarcely be described as an entire failure, since the spacecraft transmitted some superb pictures of the moon’s surface back to earth shortly before it crashed.

Israel immediately announced that the scientists would regroup and make another attempt. Technologically, the Jewish state is so advanced that it seems unlikely that its boffins will not excel in the field of space travel as the country has done in so many areas of science and medicine.

As we approach Seder Night, Israelis are still not truly free as they live in the shadow of constant attacks from Gaza, the West Bank and even, at times, Lebanon, and the ever-present threat of Iran always looming.

In Britain, our own freedom as Jews is also threatened by the possibility of a Jeremy-Corbyn-led Labour government. And, in Ethiopia, there are still Jews who are oppressed and are desperate to leave for Israel. In France, Jews fear openly identifying themselves with kippot and other traditional garb as they do in other parts of Europe, too. Our fervent prayer for klal Yisroel is that Jews here and the world over can live in freedom and safety and escape the tyranny of modern pharaohs who threaten us.

The Editor and staff wish readers a meaningful and kosher Pesach

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