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IT could be argued that Ivan Lewis was on a hiding to nothing at next week’s General Election after more than two decades as Labour MP for Bury South before resigning to become an independent — and that he knew it. Of course, he would have been aware that he was unlikely to regain his seat with Labour and the Tories seemingly neck and neck, but nevertheless for someone who has spent a lifetime espousing and promoting his socialist ideals, to urge his constituents to vote Tory next Thursday, thus dismissing any chance of re-election, must have taken considerable soul-searching and principle.

That a dyed-in-the-wool socialist should be taking this course of action demonstrates precisely how far the Labour Party has fallen and how it has abandoned the ideals and principles on which it was founded and on which it has always operated. Notwithstanding Jeremy Corbyn’s inability (or unwillingness) to root out antisemitism from the party, his penchant for friendships with avowed terrorists and his vicious attitude towards Israel, would anyone seriously want him to be privy to state secrets or to have access to the nuclear button? Or to destroy Britain’s special relationship with America? This is a ‘prime minister-in-waiting’ who won’t even state his own position on Brexit.

It is not merely British Jewry that should fear a Corbyn government. He would endanger society as we have always known it and pose a threat to our safety and security as a community by allowing antisemitism to be seen as acceptable — an outrage that plays directly into the hands of those who would seek to foment Jew-hate and justify it.

It is within the power of every Jewish voter to make their ballot count by not helping to elect any Labour candidate, however good a constituency MP they might have been or whatever pledges they have made. Every Labour seat gives Corbyn more potential to lead the country, and Boris Johnson — a friend of Israel and British Jewry — less opportunity of achieving a working majority.

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