The threat is still there

DURING a week when British Jewry has contemplated potentially its darkest hour, had the government fallen and Jeremy Corbyn led his nasty Labour Party into a General Election, we reflect on Page One the tragedy that befell Hungarian Jewry. It is considered by many as little more than a forlorn hope that the remains of 80,000 Jews who were shot on the banks of the Danube and consigned to a watery grave can be retrieved and given the religious burial they deserve. But nevertheless, if just a few of the remains have survived the ravages of time it would be a mitzva beyond belief if Zaka, Israelís rescue organisation, can find them after more than seven decades.

This is something Corbyn just doesnít understand about Jews and Israel ó and never will; what the Jewish homeland means not only to its indigenous population, but to those living in the diaspora too.

We can breathe a collective sigh of relief that Theresa May remains in power, for the time being at least. But there is no room for complacency.

We still believe that a Corbyn-led government poses an existential threat to British Jewry, which needs to continue lobbying to ensure that he never receives the keys to Number 10 Downing Street.

Meanwhile, as Zaka continue to search the Danube for Holocaust victims, the remains of the six discovered in the Imperial War Museum will be buried in a Jewish cemetery outside London on Sunday. They will be deservedly at rest, at last.

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