Corbyn speaks but not about antisemitism in the Labour Party

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has finally spoken.

He told a London Jewish newspaper about a Jewish friend of his, Max Levitas, who died aged 103, and was at the Battle of Cable Street in 1936.

But as touching as the tribute was, he continued to blindly ignore antisemitism in his own ranks, and on the left of party politics, while calling it out worldwide.

He wrote: "Sadly, the struggle against fascism and racism that Max fought for his whole life is far from over, as the horrific antisemitic murder of 11 worshippers in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last month painfully underlined.

"The far right is on the rise around the world, including in Britain and Europe as a whole.

"Grassroots organising and solidarity of the kind Max devoted himself to is essential to face down this threat.

"It is only by coming together in all our diversity that we will defeat the politics of hatred and division."

Meanwhile, an expelled Labour Party member faced a second expulsion this week, as anti-Zionist Jewish activist Tony Greenstein was booted from the Unison Union.

Having already been kicked out of Labour for "abusive behaviour" towards MP Louise Ellman in February, he has now been accused by Unison of having "broken union rules" and engaging in "disrespectful or intimidating behaviour".

The Unison allegation focuses on a blog he published attacking senior Unison official Steve Terry over his treatment of another staff member who claimed that the Zionists had "collaborated" with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

He claimed that Mr Terry was "a fulsome supporter of the idea that support for the Palestinians is 'antisemitic' and in particular criticism of Zionism."

It has also been revealed that the Iranian government set up thousands of pro-Corbyn fake Twitter accounts to demonise Israel.

In Liverpool, evangelical vicar Liam Moore is to be investigated after he posted about "Rothschild Zionists" on his Facebook page.

Mr Moore has been selected to stand as a council candidate in the Norris Green ward.

He also compared critics of the party's handling of antisemitism to "Judas".

Labour MP Ian Austin said the decision to put Mr Moore forward for the seat was a "disgrace".

The Jewish Labour Movement has openly questioned Labour's Chief Whip Nick Brown as to why he has failed to respond to its question about why Chris Williamson MP has not been removed from the party.

Mr Williamson has made a habit out of trolling those who call out antisemitism on social media, even going as far as pledging to support anyone expelled from the party for being antisemitic.

The Labour-led Carlisle City Council adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism, with all of its examples, in full on Tuesday, as did Cheshire East Council.

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