Strong words over Corbyn meeting

TWO JEREMYS: Councillor Jeremy Wolfson gets support from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

CHILDWALL, Liverpool, Labour Councillor Jeremy Wolfson has come under fire from leading Zionist Sonia Strong for being pictured with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on his Facebook page.

The post was a re-tweet from Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, saying: “Jeremy for Jeremy, delighted that Jeremy Corbyn is supporting our hard-working Councillor Jeremy Wolfson for Childwall.”

Jeremy posted on Facebook: “Fantastic to have the support of the Leader of the Labour Party.”

Cllr Wolfson would not comment when asked if he discussed antisemitism with Corbyn during this week’s visit to Liverpool.

When his MP, Luciana Berger, left the Labour Party over the antisemitism issue, Cllr Wolfson said: “I do feel disappointed. I believe you should stay and fight from within. That is what I have always done and I will continue to do.”

He did not feel that Luciana could win Wavertree as an independent.

Long-standing Labour Party member Mrs Strong said she found the picture of the two Jeremys “sickening”.

She asked: “What will Jeremy get out of it, but a lot of hassle?”

She agreed that Jewish Labour members “should fight from within”, saying: “If we walk out then Corbyn has already won.”

But Mrs Strong did not have “great confidence” in Cllr Wolfson’s ability to influence Corbyn.

Mrs Strong has been appointed Merseyside Jewish Representative Council’s first female honorary life vice-president.

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