Labour to end probes on 'hate'?

LABOUR activists have demanded that the party end all action against members accused of antisemitism.

The move follows supporters of Jeremy Corbyn seizing control of Labour’s ruling body.

Within hours, they deposed the chairman of the party’s disputes panel . . . which decides whether to probe accusations of antisemitism, among other things.

The changes came about when three members of the hard-left splinter group Momentum were elected to Labour’s national executive committee.

A group of activists calling themselves “Labour Against the Witch Hunt” on Tuesday demanded the suspension of disciplinary action against any members accused of racism and antisemitism.

They said: “There will now be a socialist majority on the NEC. From now on there is no longer an excuse for the witch-hunt of socialists.”

A letter from the group seeking changes to the disciplinary system was signed by Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein.

Walker was removed as Momentum vice-chairman following a row over antisemitism and Greenstein also faces disciplinary action.

Key figures in the Jewish Labour Movement voiced concern at the rapid changes.

After the Movement’s national chairman, Jeremy Newmark, met senior party officials, he said: “The next few weeks will see the National Constitution Committee consider a number of high-profile cases of antisemitism.

“The results will send an important signal to the Jewish community.”

Among Newmark’s concerns were antisemitism cases that the disputes panel has already considered and referred to the NCC.

They include that of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, whose suspension from the party may eventually either be reversed or shortened as a result of the influx of new members to the NEC.

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