Magazine says sorry for Nazi comparisons — after JT pressure

THE Southwell Leaves magazine editorial team has apologised after pressure from the Jewish Telegraph for an article making direct comparisons between Israeli policy and the Nazis.

The apology comes after the Campaign Against Antisemitism called out the Nottinghamshire-based church magazine for the article in its latest edition by Jane Henson.

She wrote in the article: “As I studied the various memorials and testaments (during a visit to the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre), I was not only struck again by the truly terrible events which had taken place in the last world war, and the awful suffering of Jews and others in concentration camps, but also the awful realisation that so many of the things that were done to Jews are now being done to Palestinians.”

A Southwell Leaves spokesman said: “We are sorry that some of what appeared in the article ‘My reflections on a recent time in Palestine’ has been construed as antisemitism.

“This was not our intention and we apologise for any distress this has caused. We will issue an apology in the February/March 2019 edition, due to be published on February 3.”

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