Hero Uri rang family to pay Eytan tribute

CONNECTION: Eytan Wineapple with Uri Geller

MORE than £1,000 was raised in under 24 hours in memory of Eytan Wineapple, who died on Saturday, aged 33.

The money raised will go to the Campaign Against Living Miserably, which provides a helpline and campaigns to prevent male suicides in the UK.

American-born former King David School pupil Eytan, the son of Karren and stepson of Paul, was a fixture in Manchester’s heavy metal music scene — having played guitar from the age of 14, and been a promoter for many years.

While Eytan was known for his guitar playing, his singing left much to be desired.

Karren recalled one review which said the music was great, but the singing was not.

But a spokesman for music website Manchester Rocks said: “Eytan was, and will always be, one of the cornerstones of the Manchester metal community and will always be remembered as such from his time as a booker at Rebellion to running the Noiz Promotions gigs, and the Manchester Metal Collective, his unfailing support for the underground scene was legendary.

“His not-so-private life was oft played out for all to see on Facebook and, to be brutally honest, it was colourful.

“From randomly waking up one Sunday morning in a church while a service is in progress to sailing the high seas as the metal pirate of Manchester’s canals, to partying with nuns, randomly finding Uri Geller, to running a metal festival in a squat — nothing was beyond him.”

Step-dad Paul described Eytan, who had moved to Israel in November to marry Orit, as a maverick.

He said: “He went to Germany for a week, and I had booked him a bus from London to Manchester.

“I’m waiting for him to come off the bus and suddenly get a phone call asking for me to buy him a ticket to Israel! He said that he had to go to Israel.

“About 30 minutes later he sends me a message to say that he had got a ticket... and the next thing we know, he’d gone out there!

“He was his own person and has been described as a tour de force.”

Israel was “home” to Eytan, and was pivotal to his life.

It was while he was in Israel that he met mentalist Uri Geller — whom Eytan was “obsessed” with.

Sister Avital explained: “Ever since Eytan was a child, he loved him.

“He thought he was the coolest guy on earth!

“He’d phone my mum while he was in Israel and said he was going to Jaffe to find Uri . . . and he did.

“They went for a coffee together, shared numbers and he even called us when he heard about Eytan’s passing.”

The funeral was held in Israel.

Eytan is survived by wife Orit, mother Karren and stepfather Paul, sisters Avital, Hannah, Lawrie and Kate, and brothers Shai and Michael.

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