Couple who met at protest now have a ‘Kedem baby’

HAPPY: Loving couple Avital and Daniel met at the pro-Israel demo which faced off with pro-Palestinian supporters. ‘We shared a mutual dream of living in Israel,’ she said

THE summer of 2014 saw vicious anti-Israel protests hit the streets of Manchester, outside Israeli-owned shop Kedem.

For weeks, the area was the scene of protests and counter-protests.

But while the air was filled with hatred and vitriol, it wasn’t all bad news.

For Avital (nee Wineapple) met her future husband Daniel Pitt.

And the couple have now given birth to the first “Kedem baby” — called Keshet.

Israel-born Avital, formerly of Whitefield, told the Jewish Telegraph: “I had heard on the grapevine that there was a counter protest against the anti-Israel mob taking place.

“It was there that I was greeted by Daniel, who had come to join the counter protest.

“It was a cause close to both of our hearts as I was born in Israel and moved to England as a

small child and Daniel had volunteered as a soldier in the Israeli army.

“We bonded over our love of Israel.” Avital admits that she was glad to have her new ex-army soldier friend by her side.

She said: “Our friendship developed and we shared a mutual dream of living in Israel. Shortly afterwards we became a couple, and within a year we had sold our belongings, stepped on the El Al plane and headed straight home, along with my son, Benjamin, to Israel.”

The couple settled in Ma’ale Adumim on the West Bank.

And their new home has just become a little more crowded.

The 30-year-old said: “In July, we welcomed our first sabra (Israeli-born) daughter, Keshet.

“Her name is Hebrew for Rainbow.

“Through the antisemitism and anti-Zionism that threatened to tear us apart, we now have a beautiful baby girl who will tell her own Israeli children one day the story of how out of hatred came love and life, which is the very heart of Judaism.”

* The cosmetics’ shop Kedem in King Street, in Manchester city centre, was picketed daily by pro-Palestinian demonstrators because of the Dead Sea products it sold. The Jewish community responded in force with counter-protests.

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