HMD service makes online move

ST Helens Borough Council is posting an service online to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Thursday.

A commemoration ceremony would normally be held in St Helens Town Hall, attended by school children and key dignitaries.

But with coronavirus rates still high in the Merseyside town, it was decided to move the event online, with readings, prayers and candle lighting among the proceedings.

The Holocaust Memorial Day flag will also be flown above the Town Hall throughout the day — and the Steve Prescott Bridge will be lit purple, the colours of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

St Helens Library Service will also mark the day with a social media video featuring a reading of First they Came, by Martin Niemoller, as well as a recommend reading list.

Stream the event on Thursday from 10am at

Sign the Better than That pledge at

Meanwhile Liverpool’s Holocaust Memorial Day service will also not be held live.

Instead, a service has been filmed with the theme of One Day and will be streamed on Thursday from 10am.

“The health and wellbeing of those who usually attend our service is paramount and I am sure that you appreciate the duty of care that has been applied,” said Ian Jones, of the Lord Mayor’s Office.

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