Forum in danger of folding

THE Liverpool Jewish Forum is in danger of closing after organiser Johnny Cohen hosted his final dinner on Wednesday.

“At present, the future remains uncertain,” he told the 100 guests. “There has been some interest in taking over, but there is nothing definite yet.

“It may well be that dinners are held in alternate months or even quarterly, and with just two courses to help avoid an increased charge. What is certain is that, unless a new team emerges at the last minute, there will be no dinners in September or October.

“Various cost-cutting possibilities have been considered and it will be for any new team to determine the way forward.

Guest speaker was Elena Malenko, who had escaped Ukraine with her sons, Plato, seven, and four-year-old Lev when the Russians invaded.

She is now living with her relatives in Liverpool, Nadia (nee Hudaly) and Ray Goodman.

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