Shul renamed in memory of ‘irreplaceable’ Michael

MITZVA: From left: Michael Ellenbogen’s brother-in-law Stephen Frosh, cousin Viv Ellenbogen, David Coleman and Rabbi Natan Fagleman carry the Sifrei Torah for the first circuit.

STAPELY Care rededicated its shul in the name of Michael Ellenbogen, who died in March.

“Stapely was Michael’s shul,” trustee Philip Ettinger said. “Michael never let Stapely or the community down and we feel his presence at Stapely every day and especially on Shabbat Mevarachim or on yomtov when we have a service in this shul.”

He added: “Michael ran the services at Stapely Care for 38 years and no one can replace what he did for Stapely or for the community.”

Mr Ettinger hopes that the newly-rededicated Michael Ellenbogen Synagogue will become a part of Liverpool’s tradition.

Prior to placing the Sifrei Torah back in the Ark, three circuits of the shul were carried out by relatives of Mr Ellenbogen carrying the holy scrolls.

David Coleman then explained that Psalm 30 is a psalm for the Inauguration of the Temple and Psalm 100 is a psalm of thanksgiving.

They were written by King David during his illness to show his faith in God.

“We chose to recite these psalms as they personify Michael,” Mr Coleman said. “Throughout his illness, Michael also recited these psalms every day as his spirit and faith never diminished.

“Michael’s love of his family, of everything around him and of Judaism knew no bounds and his terminal illness was not going to stop him.”

A plaque was unveiled by Michael’s wife, Michelle, and his mother, Bella Ellenbogen, before Rabbi Natan Fagleman recited the memorial prayer and a collective Kaddish was said.

The first prayer service held in the newly rededicated shul was mincha, led by Rabbi Fagleman.

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