JCS incurs considerable costs

I WRITE re your article in last week’s edition, ‘Jewish Care goes strategic’, with particular reference to both the appointment of a new chief executive at the same time as initiating a nine-month consultancy project to find out “what the community wants” and to “identify the way forward”.

I find it difficult to understand how and why the Jewish Care Scotland board of directors are prepared to incur the considerable costs of a lengthy professional consultation while continually advising the community of the pressure on funds and the need to raise more money.

Most people within the community, with any knowledge of our local organisations, including synagogues, know exactly what’s required and, indeed, what the most likely findings of the consultation will be.

Jewish Care Scotland requires to provide day care facilities for those elderly members of the community who need such suport allied to a full gambit of social care for all members of the community in such need.

The only question is provision of appropriate funding.

It is likely that the consultants after “looking at what’s going on in other organisations” and “identifying the issues and options for the community going forward” will provide recommendations in line with what members of the community have been expressing for years.

  1. Merge JCS with Cosgrove, the Blind Society, and possibly with Newark Care.
  2. Merge Giffnock and Newton Mearns synagogues.
  3. Sell then surplus properties including one care home.
  4. Merge administrations.
  5. Make greater use of existing property.

The present and increasing decline in community numbers has resulted in a shortfall in funds.

Cosgrove and Newark are no longer exclusively Jewish in nature with the probability of the same outcome for Jewish Care.

Committee members in all local organisations are failing in their responsibilities by refusing to accept the inevitable.

Closures have to take place, costs can be reduced, capital can be released.

Funds will then be available to finance the provision of required services within the community.

Perhaps this is the time of the year when responsible committee members will resolve to take the decisions the community requires.

Harvey Bernard,
Newton Mearns.

* WE gave Jewish Care Scotland the chance to reply, but we did not receive a comment before going to press.

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