Purim: Youngsters get their fill

GARNETHILL Synagogue held a hamantaschen bake on Sunday.

The event, supported by the PJ Library, was attended by 60 children, youths and adults. It began with a short animated video about the story of Esther and then a hamantaschen demonstration by Shayna Conn.

There were a variety of fillings for participants’ creations, including chocolate chips, chocolate spread, apple and cinnamon and jam. Although participants took their triangular treats home to bake, there were some ready to eat, which were used for mishloach manot.

While enjoying the biscuits, the children were read a story, courtesy of PJ Library, and adults were given a tour of the historic shul building.

Collections were made for Garnethill Synagogue and the Bet She’an Foodbank, the chosen charity for Matanot La’Evyonim.

Garnethill hosts children’s services and special events throughout the year.

* Details: 07986 602 154 or email

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