Women victims of massacre erased

PICTURED: Eight men but no women

THE New York-based Yiddish-language weekly Di Tzeitung should hang its head in shame this morning.

It published an emotional picture tribute to the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. Or, at least, to the eight MEN who died.

The photos of the three women who sadly lost their lives were missing.

The newspaper’s editor, Albert Friedman, explained: “The chassidic papers have a policy not to post pictures of women. However, they are mentioned prominently in the story.”

Well, that’s good of him.

And Friedman went on: “They are not denigrated in any way. Nobody in our readership complains about it because this is what our readership wants.”

Now, far be it for us to interfere with the Jewish laws of modesty.

But were tragic victims Bernice Simon, Joyce Fienberg and Rose Mallinger any less dead than the eight men who were gunned down?

‘Israel stole our snake’

ISRAEL has declared the Palestinian viper as its national snake.

But as snakes go, it isn’t a very friendly serpent.

Measuring up to five feet, it is responsible for an overwhelming majority of venomous snake bites in Israel.

In fact, there was a scare a few days ago when worshippers saw a Palestinian viper emerge from the cracks of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Its selection as the country’s national snake hasn’t pleased everyone.

The Palestinian Authority protested, calling it “theft” and ignoring what they called the viper’s Palestinian heritage.

If they’re so fond of such a slippery customer, perhaps we should let them have it.

Scoop for ice cream

THIS news will be a relief to ice-cream lovers in Israel.

Ben & Jerry’s Israel branch has made it clear that it has no links to a new flavour, Pecan Resist, which had stirred up controversy.

The company teamed up with four groups to promote it, including anti-Israel Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, who has called for a one-state solution, and her colleague Tamika Mallory, who has voiced support for outspoken antisemite Louis Farrakhan.

But a Ben & Jerry’s Israel spokesman said: “We buy our milk and cream only from Israeli producers. We have no connection to the decisions made by the global brand, and we don’t get involved in local or world politics.”

It’s the scoop we’ve been waiting for...

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