Google makes a meal of falafel

Google is celebrating falafel, calling it the “best thing that ever happened to chickpeas”.

It’s also among the best things that ever happened to the Google doodle, the logo that greets visitors to the search giant’s home page.

Tuesday’s mini cartoon featured three smiling falafel balls hopping into an open pita after one of them slathered it with hummus and tossed in some cucumbers and tomatoes.

Google said that “the exact origins of this spicy street food have been lost to the mists of time”.

Well, yes, but what’s indisputable is that the fried chickpea balls have become Israel’s national dish.

Beginning in the 1950s, falafel was made popular by Yemeni Jews, who began serving falafel balls in pita.

Today, it is served on almost every other street in Israel.

You can take our word for it... there’s no need to Google it.

Shtisel packs ’em in

WHOEVER would have thought it? A citadel of Reform Judaism in New York was packed to the rafters... with thousands of devout followers of a black-hatted Orthodox rabbi and his family.

No, they hadn’t decided to give up their charedi lifestyle.

They had merely thronged to Temple Emanu-El to drool over three visiting stars of Shtisel — the Israeli TV series about the day-to-day dramas of an ultra-observant family in Jerusalem that has captivated Jewish viewers the world over.

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